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LOOK OUT : LOOK HERE, is a community-based photographic activity and exhibition that began in May, 2003 as an outlet for the Dupont/Bloor West community of Toronto to express its concerns over the local murder of ten-year-old Holly Jones. In the aftermath, residents felt both ashamed and fearful of their community. The press painted the neighbourhood as a dangerous place with 300 pedophiles living in the vicinity (later proved untrue). Parents kept their children inside, people talked about moving away. The project was developed as a way to get people out to walk, rediscover and claim their neighborhood.

250 disposable cameras were distributed to Holly s classmates, friends and neighbours, together with a general invitation to the community to participate as well. The project used photography as a way of looking at the Dupont/Bloor West neighbourhood and making a record of things that caught and focused people s attention.

The project is gesture of support for the Jones family. It is a way to see the local in the sharp focus that photography provides. The exhibition gave the opportunity to participate by selecting favourite images from the 1400 photographs that were made by the neighbourhood and to place it within the exhibition.


Henngues Mark, William Fruong, Hennques Rick, Kathy Strilcic, Alex Desilva, Janet Berketa, Anne Fortin, Brian Santos, Muel Szolce, Delton Samuel Szoke, Katia Carvalhe, Sarah Serwatuk, Hatalie Nieves, Carlos Oliveira, Michelle Lu. Yanik Neto, Sara Carreira, Matthew Marie-Rhodes, Gigi Hoang, Jena Lorusso, Bonnie Ha, Glenda Heathcote, Lnace Lai, Ja Dean Sylvester, Gurwinder Singh, Harreem Naveed, He ndricia Norbert, Ahmet Ozalp, Rachael Bolton, Benjamin McPeek, Jessice Torres, Johnsos Bai, Nicholas McPeek, Aurora Concalves, John Derid, sophia Motluk, Nishad Nilam, Carina M, Kasha Singh, Lina Guadanli, Jason Desarego, Kevin Desarego, Richard Rhodes, Lillian Vieira, and many, many others.
Project by Dyan Marie with DIG IN: Dupont Improvement Group, www.digin.ca, Dupont Projects / Dyan Marie Projects www.dyanmarieprojects.com and the Dupont/Bloor West Community
Support from Ed Burtynsky, Toronto Image Works and Kodak Canada Inc., Agfa Inc., Colourgenics, Ilford Inc., Lee Valley, Colour Your World, City of Toronto Crisis Fund, Perth Dupont Library,
Exhbition May 16 - July 17, 2004, Look Out Look Here at Dupont Projects: 1444 Dupont Street, unit 31, Toronto www.dyanmarie.com